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The Buying Process

In the first stage of the buying process, we discuss what is important to you in a home.  This could be anything from how many bedrooms you want to how big the garage needs to be; from a fenced in back yard for kids and pets to an in ground pool. 


(If you are not already pre-approved for a loan, you'll need to get pre-approval from your lender asap. This is necessary because it lets you know exactly how much you can afford, and also because a pre-approval letter is generally required to accompany your offer.)

Once we determine your needs, we will begin searching for a home that meets your criteria.  Homes that you find can be sent to me, and homes that I find I will send to you for your perusal.  If you decide you'd like to see any of them in person, I schedule the showings and we take a tour! 

When you find "The One",  I will help you come up with an offer and help you negotiate in order to get the best possible price. 

After the contract is signed by both parties, we begin navigating the waters of  the Due Diligence period. This is a period of time set aside here in NC during which  you may have any and all inspections taken care of that you'd like to do (which I will handle for you if you'd like), confirm property lines if you wish, and ask for any repairs

(or compensation for repairs), etc.  Behind the scenes, the lenders begin working on your loan and the lawyer begins working on the title search, and we are all working towards a common closing date according to the contract.

You'll  be able to do a final walk through of the property before closing, making sure everything meets with your approval and that the home meets your expectations for moving in. 

Finally, we close, the deed is recorded in your name, you get the keys and move in!

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