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January - The Worst Month to Sell?

It’s January, 2020. The dead of winter. But it can still be a great time to sell your house! Here are 4 reasons why winter is a great time to list!

-LESS COMPETITION. In spring, more homes WILL come on the market, giving buyers much more to choose from. Listing your home now gives you a head start. Your home can stand above the rest with the right preparations. (Ask your agent about this!)

-SERIOUS BUYERS ARE OUT DURING WINTER. In spring, there may be more buyers out there, but most buyers that are out in the winter HAVE to have a place to go soon. Make the most of it when serious buyers are looking!

-LOW INTEREST RATES. Do you need to buy another home? Typically interest rates climb and fluctuate during the year, but currently they are at super low! If you need to buy another house, now is a great time to take advantage of the lower rates!

-STRESS FREE SUMMER. Protect your summer time for family and fun! If you sell now, you could be all settled in your new place by the end of spring, allowing you to enjoy the summer – stress free!

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