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10 Tips for Selling your WNC Home

Selling your home in Western North Carolina this year? Here are a few tips to keep you on the right track. And if you need an agent, I'm here for you!

As with any product people purchase, the better condition it's in, the more they are willing to pay for it. The same is true for houses.

These 10 things will help you tremendously when it comes to selling your home and getting good responses/feedback from potential buyers. (In another post, I give you the top 5 things to do to make your home more appealing to buyers.) Your goal is to make people feel at home and comfortable in your home. Buyers need to be able to see themselves living in that space, and to enable them to do that, there are some things YOU need to do as a seller.

1) Clean your windows really well. Buyers will be looking at and through the windows to see the views, and you don't want them distracted by smudges. We don't want to give them anything to complain about!

2) Pressure wash the sidewalk, driveway, siding, decks...anything that needs cleaning. Make it sparkle!

3) Keep pet areas clean and tidy. Put bowls and storage bins away and out of sight for showings if possible. (definitely for the photos!)

4) Keep your fridge clean and tidy. People will look inside! They want to see how much space is in your fridge and cabinets. Create space in there!

5) Start packing up and decluttering. Anything you don't use on a daily or weekly basis can probably be packed away.

6) Clean and organize the garage. How many cars can actually fit? Show them!

7) Update what your budget will allow. Making the correct updates will bring you a higher price when done the right way.

8) Have a pre-listing inspection done. This usually saves you time and money in the long run, and keeps you from being "surprised" when the buyer comes back with a repair request for an issue you knew nothing about. Make any repairs that you can.

9) Consider hiring professional cleaners to come do a deep clean on your home.

10) If you don't already have some, consider adding greenery and flowers throughout your home. Statistics and studies show that greenery creates feelings of peace, and flowers brighten one's mood.

To get a copy of our Spring staging guide, click here! And reach out to us if we can help you sell your home in Arden, Mills River, Hendersonvillle, Fletcher, Asheville or the surrounding areas. 🙂🏡

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